Preserve Minneapolis hosts a wide variety of events throughout the year. Our events consist of activities we sponsor as well as other preservation related activities by friends or organizations we work with.

Please join us for our events which include:

Evening Explorations
Morning Forums
Summer Walking Tours
Board and Committee Meetings

We also collaborate with MN Community to host Instameets at various locations. We often add links to other preservation activities throughout Minneapolis.

Check out our calendar for up-to-date activities you or your family might enjoy.

Questions? Email our Events Committee Chair Andrew Yarish at

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Rich Bergeron 27 June 2017

Why are you having meetings about our neighborhood’s historical situation (Homewood) so far out of the neighborhood and where many here can’t make it. You want our input? Then come here to talk to us.

LEANNA ROGERS 19 July 2017

Just read the Sunday paper and was disappointed to see that reservations for the tour closed yesterday. Any chance that I can make reservation through you as the Eventbrite website has closed.

I’d be happy to deliver a check tomorrow, Thursday, if you would give me an address.


Leanna Rogers


James Maurer 20 July 2017

We have not yet received our waivers for this Saturday’s Prairie Home tour, 7/22. Receipt said that they would be e-mailed 3 – 4 days prior to the event.

Ruth Foster 20 July 2017


I am registered for the upcoming Prairie School: A Protest Movement tour on Saturday, July 22. I registered via Eventbrite on June 5, I checked my email for the tour event reminder with waiver attached that required my signature, but I have not received it yet; it might have been intercepted by my email account’s spam filter. Please reply ASAP so that I can complete this last step. Thank you and have a good day.

Carol Linkert 20 July 2017

Can I please still sign up for the home tour on Saturday, July 22nd. Thank you!

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